PHETTUCINE delicious seaweed semolina and egg pasta

Now you can do your favourite Italian with marine nutrition – EASY!

Fortified with 10% of our trace element rich whole seaweed and glycofibres for gut health. One average serve will deliver you

  • The same glycofibres that were concentrated for our clinical research
  • Anti-oxidants lutein and beta carotene
  • Nutritional amounts of trace elements
  • 42% of your Manganese requirements = insulin metabolism, bones and joints, anti-oxidant metabolism
  • 65% of your Boron and 1/3 of Magnesium requirements = Bone Health
  • 71% of your Iodine requirements = Hormone and brain health

Serving suggestions from our customers (feel free to send us your own!)

With olive oil and parmesan cheese

With snow peas and saffron

With abalone and tomatoes

PHETTUCINE delicious seaweed semolina and egg pasta

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