Limited offer only: Gut Health, Food & Skin Care Bundle with Microbiome Testing

A unique opportunity to learn for yourself how a change in lifestyle, including a daily intake of our proprietary Seafibre-3TM, can change the ecosystem of your microbiome and help you boost your wellness and stay fit.

With our partnership with uBiome this is an exciting opportunity for you take our Seafibre-3™ capsules and learn more about the individual collection of trillions of microorganisms in and on your body that play a huge part in your health. This exclusive and limited bundle allows you to sample your gut microbiome twice: before and after a lifestyle change that includes our food, skincare and Seafibre-3™ capsules; so you can see for yourself if our seaweed glycan-fibre and algal DHA Omega-3 can impact your gut health and wellbeing over time. Of course you must also keep up good sleep, exercise and other good foods. Staying well is about getting the mix right including bumping up diverse glycan-fibres and omega-3 in your diet.

This limited edition bundle contains a month's supply of SeaFibre-3™, a bumper selection of our Australian Food Awards winning food and for your skin, our seaweed rich moisturising cream NOURISH and CLEANSE wash. Our PhycoDerm skin products are similar to your own skins connective molecules and protects it from external stressors from the outside, while you are fixing your skin and wellness from the inside too. We are able to include two, 5 site Explorer™ kits, allowing you to sample from 5 body sites in addition your gut and you skin microbiome. This kit gives you access to state-of-the-art testing, allowing you to learn more about your microbiome from advanced genetic sequencing and the world's largest database on the gut microbiome. This 5-site kit offer is only available for a limited time.

BUNDLE CONTENTS (valued at over $1000):

Seafibre-3™ (90g jar) RRP $59
2 x Ubiome 5 site Explorer Kit RRP 2x $700
PhycoDerm NOURISH moisturiser (100g) RRP $50
PhycoDerm CLEANSE facial wash (100ml) RRP $45
PhycoDamias (130g) RRP $10.90
PhycoMuesli (450g) RRP $12
Phettucine (300g) RRP $8.90
PhycoSalt (150g) RRP $7
Sea Cs (180g) RRP $6.90



Collect your sample in under two minutes at home, anytime. Your kit contains everything you need. Just swipe the swab across the appropriate site; then mail your sample back to the uBiome lab in the enclosed envelope. The explorer kit allows sampling form 5 body sites; gut, mouth, nose, genitals and skin.  uBiome uses patented precision sequencing™ methods and advanced computational techniques to identify your bacteria.

When you send your sample you just register online with uBiome, and once your sample has been processed, you will be emailed an alert to access your report. You can download your test results and use them to compare to any changes that might occur when you take a second test 1 month later. This way you can learn more about what might be missing, low or how diversified your microbiome is, and better understand that you can actually change your microbiome ecosystem. This can help to improve your overall wellness, immune system and inflammatory processes. But everyone is different and the best way for you to learn about it is to understand it better. Even if it is complicated at first – you will get to appreciate how important it is to feed your gut well and how this has implications for your whole body. This can be the first step in driving towards better health yourself, and we are always happy to provide our feedback and insights if you have any questions about your results.


Seaweed hosts a plethora of molecules, including specific fibres, that the World Health Organisation has identified are typically deficient in the Western Diet. Cereals are an excellent source of fibre, however a typical Western diet does not contain sufficient quantity or variety; diversity is vital as different fibres do very different things!

Our PhycoDigest™ product range is launching with SeaFibre-3 that contains specific components of seaweeds that we are researching for the beneficial effects on the gut and inflammatory processes. This includes unique, complex, semi-soluble gel-fibre molecules and phenolic compounds, but these are unique for every type of seaweed and therefore different seaweeds will have different effects. These types of molecules have been shown to have anti-inflammatory activity and in our recent clinical studies, participants reduced their C-reactive protein and specific cytokine inflammation markers. In addition we have formulated and algal Omega-3 DHA, which is the long chain, anti-inflammatory Omega-3 that many of us are chronically deficient in. So SeaFibre-3 is there to fill the gap of what is probably missing from most of our diets, and therefore SeaFibre-3 can support our health system. If you have a standard western diet from the supermarket shelf, the probability is that changing your diet for the long term is one way for you to improve your overall health.

The gut environment has a multitude of complex biological, chemical and immune system processes that are unique to each of us. As such, any benefits of taking Seafibre™ will vary depending on your individual microbiome and ecosystem, however  many of our clinical study participants and customers are already choosing to take PhycoDigest™ products as an essential part of their daily routine.

Limited offer only: Gut Health, Food & Skin Care Bundle with Microbiome Testing