PhycoDerm skincare range with seaweed to protect and repair

PhycoHealth is founded in science and is passionate about the future of innovative biotechnology from seaweeds. We are at the forefront of research into wound healing, tissue regeneration and bio-ink products using our unique PhycoDerm® seaweed extracts.
We love research, but couldn't wait to share our seaweed ingredients with you to see what benefits you can experience for yourself. Our new PhycoDerm®  range is designed to meet your daily skincare needs with a selection of small batch bespoke products, all containing high concentrations of our seaweed PhycoDerm® molecules. The complete range contains:

PhycoDerm® SHIELD 50g: protective seaweed cream with SPF15

PhycoDerm® NOURISH 50ml: NEW PUMP BOTTLE intensive moisturiser

PhycoDerm® CLEANSE 100ml: silky seaweed facial cleanser 

PhycoDerm® PURIFY 100g: a deep cleansing hydrating mask

Phycoderm® SOOTHE 100ml: a soothing seaweed and aloe vera gel

Our PhycoDerm®  extracts contain some exciting molecules such as glucuronic acids, iduronic acids and L-rhamnose, shown to be very similar to the connective tissue in our own skin. These complexes have unique roles to play in biological process such as the complex organisation of cells, the binding of collagen and growth factors, the protection of collagen tissue from hydrolysing enzymes, maintaining hydration within tissue structures; as well as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. These molecules effectively absorb certain metals, and are successfully used in trials to re-mediate areas of heavy metal pollution.

PhycoDerm skincare range with seaweed to protect and repair

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