PhycoDerm PURIFY seaweed glycopeptide rich hydrating mask

A deep cleansing facial mask, uniquely formulated with our glycan rich seaweed extract, kaolin clay and kelp harvested from King Island.

Our seaweed extracts have a unique affinity for skin cells, offering deep cleansing and removal of impurities as well as glycopeptide rich hydration. 

Apply an even layer to your face, avoiding sensitive areas and eyes. Leave on for 10 minutes or longer and relax while our PhycoTide molecules do the work for you. Wash off with warm water and enjoy softer, deeply cleansed skin.

Ingredients: aqua (water), kaolin, glcyerin, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, xylorhamnoglycuronan (peptide rich PhycoTide seaweed extract), algin (from Tasmanian kelp), sodium magnesium silicate, quartz, benzyl alcohol, allantoin, potassium sorbate, dehydroacetic acid.

Sustainably made with carefully selected ingredients and packaging. Our products are not tested on animals (except human ones) and are all Made in Australia.

100g e 3.38 fl oz

PhycoDerm PURIFY seaweed glycopeptide rich hydrating mask