PhycoDigest extracts were developed and tested in two clinical trials to determine the effects on the gut flora and metabolic disorders. BiobellyTM and SeaFibre-3 are made from our proprietary seaweed extract PhycoDigest®, and is formulated to contain specific components of seaweeds that are known to be potentially beneficial in gut processes that interact with inflammation processes. 

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The gut is the largest organ in the body, hosting all sorts of nutritional and immune processes over an area of 30m2. It is also the frontline of your immune system and thousands of signals and processes are continually approaching, connecting, being deflected and crossing into your blood stream and metabolism all the time. But it isn’t just an organ – it is an ecosystem, and you need to support it with the right nutrition. Seaweed hosts a plethora of molecules, including specific dietary fibres, that the World Health Organisation has identified are typically deficient in the Western Diet. 

  • Reducing Cholesterol
  • Shifting GutDysbiosis
  • Joint Health
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Mental Health
Get It On Indigogo Campaign