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PhycoSnack Starter Pack with SEAFIBRE-3

Now even more of our very hard to resist PhycoDamia,s in the new 200g pack - and for the same hamper price. Introduce seaweed into your diet is easily with a months supply of Seafibre-3™ capsules and a selection of our award winning PhycoFood for snacking. 

Our seaweed and Omega-3, read more on the blog. 

This starter pack contains:

  • 90g jar  Seafibre-3™ - 1 month supply 
  • 180g pack of Sea C's - seaweed infused corn chips
  • 200g Phycodamias - seaweed roasted macadamias with a touch of wasabi
  • 150g of Phycobites - gourmet seaweed snacks with nuts, seeds and fruit

You can even buy our pack on a subscription now with a 10% further cost benefit.


RRP $95.30

Pack price $78

18% discount


PhycoSnack Starter Pack with SEAFIBRE-3

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