PhycoHealth Seaweed face or eye mask for a radiant complexion

True to Hippocrates' advice, you let your food be your medicine. Incorporating PhycoHealth products into your diet is an excellent decision. It's the first step toward a healthy gut. You’ll adore our natural products; they simply taste great and make you feel wonderful on the inside. But PhycoHealth even gives you seaweed on the outside.

Our PhycoDerm skincare range takes you one step further. Since you feel well within, you already look good on the outside, but the topical use of seaweed will make you positively shine with radiance. Just like our nutritional products, the characteristics of our skin care collection are founded on science and sustainability. It's up to you to take advantage of the goodness supplied by the vast ocean.

The Manifold Benefits of the PhycoDerm Seaweed Mask for Your Face

Our creams and facial wash are self-evident choices to keep your skin hydrated and protected. In Australia, we are blessed with a warm climate, offering us many sunny days. On those occasions, you consider yourself lucky with our after-sun soothing gel.

Add to the basic skin-care products our hydrating clay and seaweed mask in its elegant amber jar. Its moisture binding capacity will astound you. Thanks to its collagen protection characteristics, it will slow down the ageing process of your skin drastically. You'll look as young as you feel.

Are you living in a city or its suburbs? Then your skin is constantly exposed to pollution. Free radicals affect your epidermis, resulting in a sallow complexion. Don't look as if you're tired every day but arm yourself against pollution by regularly treating yourself to a PhycoDerm seaweed face mask. Thanks to the product's high skin cell affinity, you can use the mask for a dry, normal, greasy or combination skin. Consider how practical it is to have just one product instead of an extensive collection of bottles and jars.

If you suffer from unsightly blemishes and spots, our PhycoDerm seaweed mask may turn out to be a little miracle worker too. Perhaps you've also heard that some psoriasis patients have cured their ailment thanks to our seaweed products. Then, the chances are highly likely that after regular use of our seaweed face mask, it can offer you an unblemished skin as well.

Treat Your Eyes Kindly as Well

Do your eyes feel tired after a day's work behind your computer monitor, or in a smoky and stuffy environment? Your PhycoDerm seaweed eye mask will calm your skin in mere minutes. Grant your overstrained eyes this moment of relaxation, let the natural clay and seaweed do their work. After the treatment, your skin will be hydrated, smooth and firm, and you will feel ready to take any challenge.

With a healthy lifestyle, including a nourishing diet, supported by Australian-made PhycoHealth nutritional products and the PhycoDerm skincare collection, you cannot go wrong. Our unique wound healing and skin repair abilities are unparalleled. Never fear to ask us questions if you have them. We're there for you both online or on the telephone.