Collection: Clinically Tested SeaFibre for Gut Health

Our concentrated SeaFibre capsules are the result of years of scientific research. SeaFibre is a powerful contributor to better gut health, regulating cholesterol and inflammation, and helping you to live a healthier life for longer.

Choose from added algal Omega-3 in SeaFibre-3 for extra anti-inflammatory punch, marine calcium for skin and bone health in SeaFibre-CAL, or broaden your immune support and recovery with the SeaFibre-Fucoidan duo-complex of clinically tested fibres from green and brown seaweeds. All SeaFibre products contain magnesium, boron and selenium, naturally. 

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Clinically Tested SeaFibre for Gut Health

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  • In clinical trials, the unique Sea-fibre found in our Australian proprietary seaweed extract substantially reduced inflammatory markers in the blood – indicating a benefit for chronic inflammatory diseases. In a separate trial focussed on a specific inflammatory disease, psoriasis; sixty percent of participants noticed improved symptoms and for half of them, it was dramatic.

  • We measured the full microbiome and species shifts in the gut of our study participants. Daily consumption of our unique Sea-Fibre extract improved the microbiome by increasing the “good” bacteria like Bifidobacteria, Lactobacillus and Akkermansia which are associated with good gut health.

  • For people with high cholesterol, our trials showed taking our concentrated Sea-fibre capsules was linked with cholesterol reduction over time.

  • Twice the benefit. Our Seafibre-Cal pairs Sea-fibre with marine calcium to support bone health. Our Seafibre-3 pairs Seafibre with powerful anti-oxidant Omega-3 for extra inflammation-fighting punch.