Embrace Seasonal Skincare with Marine Molecular Magic

Embrace Seasonal Skincare with Marine Molecular Magic

Did you know that your skin can be up to 10kg in weight and cover up to 2m squared? That's a lot of surface area holding us together, sealing in moisture, warding off invaders, regulating temperature and last but not least – creating a front of our identity!

But skin is not constant, across our bodies or across time. As the seasons shift, so does the rhythm of our skin. As our age shifts so does the needs of our skin. As we travel across the world and different climates, our skin has to adapt. Transitioning between these changes keeps us on our toes in our skin adapting to new challenges. In this transition, it's imperative to “listen” to your skin and it’s shifting needs, nurturing its health and vitality year-round.

What happens to skin????

  • Summer to winter change in the southern hemisphere

As winter draws near, humidity levels plummet, leaving skin vulnerable to dryness and dehydration. Moisture maintenance is vital to replenish from the inside with plenty of water, but also to retain from the outside with an intact and functional skin barrier. 

Our unique seaweed gel, a botanical (green seaweed) alternative to hyaluronic acid, is a super plumping molecule, and together with natural lipids such as shea butter in NOURISH, it locks in essential hydration. Formulated with plant-based ingredients, our skincare range delivers potent anti-inflammatory benefits, soothing the skin's delicate balance.

  • Winter to spring brings back that warm skin sensation but also more UV exposure

Conversely, in the northern hemisphere, humidity rises with the onset of winter. We can actually measure these changes as summer approaches and they include:

  • increased hydration by  25%
  • reduced skin roughness by 5%
  • increased skin thickness by 23%
  • increased colour by 20-30%
  • increased firmness by 8%
  • and a whopping 23% increase in elasticity!

This makes it sound like summer skin is just the thing and we should all move to the equator! However, summer also introduces it’s own unique stressors. UV exposure is key here and it is SUPER DESTRUCTIVE and POTENTIALLY DEADLY.

Never underestimate the power of UV light

In Australia, recent accolades for the lives saved by advocates against skin cancer underscore the importance of preventive skincare measures. Prevention is indeed preferable to cure, making conscientious skincare practices paramount. By nurturing our skin today, we invest in its long-term health and resilience.

One constant remains whether you are in winter or summer: the omnipresence of solar radiation. Even in the cooler months, we should never take for granted that lower sun exposure means that you should still be protecting your skin against UV damage. UV exposure persists, necessitating ongoing protection, especially for lighter skin tones. Our natural zinc-based SHIELD with SPF15 offers a shield against harmful rays, safeguarding skin from potential damage.

But protection also requires a healthy routine of comprehensive skincare.

Cleansing is a cornerstone of skincare, yet it must be approached with thought for skin care function. Our CLEANSE and Face Mask PURIFY gently eliminate impurities while preserving the skin's natural oils and hydration, fortifying its protective barrier. Additionally, regular exfoliation is key to promoting cell turnover and revealing a radiant complexion. Our SeaScrub calcium carbonate oyster shell powder provides a gentle buffing action, refining the skin's texture without abrasion.

As we embrace the seasonal transition, let us also embrace the transformative power of nature. With our skincare range, fortified by scientific rigor and a commitment to sustainability, we embark on a journey towards radiant, healthy skin—for today and for generations to come.

Expanding the research to understand how we can help support the different biomes of skin.

At PhycoHealth we have undertaken the clinical research to better understand how our seaweed extracts affect the microbiome of our guts, which in turn has benefits for skin health which has been well publicised. But in addition to our guts, each area of skin has its own unique microbiome, depending on its location. Whether it's inside your mouth, under your arms, on your forearms, your face, or in areas of high sweat and heat exchange versus low sweat gland areas, your skin microbiome plays a vital role in maintaining skin health and producing that radiant glow we all desire.

Unveiling hidden ecosystems of our skin

Recent advancements in skincare research have shed light on the pivotal role of the skin microbiome in maintaining skin health. Each area of the skin harbors its own unique microbiome, influenced by factors such as sweat production and environmental exposure. However, disruptions in the skin microbiome can lead to imbalances associated with various skin conditions, including psoriasis.

Our research is leading us forward to understanding that our seaweed extracts could play a pivotal part in working as pre-biotic skin ingredients, supporting the essential species that care for our skin surface integrity, while resisting infectious microorganisms and supporting the recovery of from skin conditions related to infections. We are committed to taking these discoveries to market in formulations that go beyond our well-loved PhycoHealth skin care range was launched in 2019, and that has served so many of our committed customers with daily skin care routines.

The next stage of pioneering skin care

Beyond traditional skincare, our commitment extends to pioneering advancements. Through rigorous scientific research, our plant-based seaweed ingredient has demonstrated remarkable potential. With peer-reviewed publications substantiating our findings, we are working towards unveiling a therapeutic range poised to revolutionize skincare. From medical-grade applications aiding in wound healing to collaborations with surgeons for reconstructive purposes, our innovations transcend conventional boundaries.


Watch this space for upcoming announcements on the next stage mission of PhycoHealth natural and biologically functional skincare ingredients.....