The Environmental Benefits of Organic Australian Seaweed

While you may know that Australian seaweed is loaded with nutritional benefits for skincare and more, you may not know that it is also a sustainable, environmentally friendly, natural resource. Certified organic Australian seaweed is an especially earth-conscious way to boost a diet or take better care of your skin and is criminally overlooked even in health food circles. Seaweed in Australia is easily locally harvested, treated without chemicals, and easily replenished, so you don’t have to fear a seaweed scarcity. In today’s world, where we are increasingly aware of the damage humans are doing to the earth, finding options for your diet or everyday body products is more important than ever, and Australian seaweed is a convenient, responsible way to do just that. As such, it is a great product to incorporate into everyday life for those who strive to be both healthy and environmentally conscious.

What Makes Australian Seaweed so Sustainable?

You may be wondering just what makes organic Australian seaweed so sustainable, and what that means. With so many products on the market claiming sustainability these days, its actual meaning can be lost in translation. Here’s a quick break down of how and why seaweed in Australia a sustainable, earth-friendly resource is.

  • Locally Harvested:Seaweed in Australia is almost always locally harvested, right from the miles of coast we are so blessed with here. As such, there is no import involved, so you don’t have to worry about the damage aircraft, or diesel trucks do to the environment. You can also rest easy knowing that you are consuming a product made right here in Australia, meaning you are utilising local resources instead of relying on those from overseas.
  • A Surplus Available:As seaweed is so underutilised in Australia, there is a real surplus available. With food resources such as avocados and couscous starting to run scarce because of their popularity, it is important to turn towards healthy foods that are abundant and easily replenishable. Using seaweed means just that, and there is a true bounty available in Australia.
  • Responsible Retailer:Of course, it is important to go with a responsible retailer, and at PhycoHealth we offer just that. We try to remain in keeping with organic guidelines, and our vision is truly global. We care about the effects our products have on the environment and are always searching for new ways to improve our sustainability and impact.

Give Seaweed a Chance!

Of course, there are plenty of options beyond just environmental benefits for consuming and using organic Australian seaweed. Our seaweed snacks are tasty, healthy, and convenient for health-conscious people on the run. Whether you are using seaweed products for yourself or your family, we will have options to suit various lifestyles and dietary needs. From skin care products to food and health, we will certainly have something that works for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, as we are truly passionate about our products.