Be a part of the game change through seaweed

You can create the future today. Not with blue sky plans about what could be done, should be done, one day we can do that. Do it today with PhycoHealth, bringing you over 20 years of research and science of seaweeds to help you make the choice in what you eat, how you care for your skin, and how you choose lifelong wellness. Today!

Choose Seaweed
  • It is here that we capture sun and sea to grow unique local seaweed and help to reduce the carbon footprint of neighbouring food processors. In the Shoalhaven, large-scale food production systems release CO2, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients.

  • We capture these and harness their nutritional power for our seaweed farm, returning and keeping them in the food chain, closing the loop in a sustainable industrial ecology system.

  • We will be  presenting our scientific findings in each of these areas and more as our research into western health continues. Your healthy nutrition choice is therefore also helping our planet by:

  • Not wasting valuable nutrient resources
    ... we put them back together in the most nutritional way

    Reducing the carbon footprint per kg food
    ...we can make more protein on a hectare than cows can!

    Not using precious fresh water irrigation
    ...there is plenty of seawater