Pharoah's breakfast

Pharoah's breakfast

The secret to healthy food is all about the herbs and flavours. I am not sure that the best chefs know the chemistry behind why certain flavours work, but they have an instinct and often a cultural heritage that allows them to nail the flavour that sends our taste buds to the moon and back.

Variations of dukkah are something that has evolved and fused across nations for millennia. The Pharoahs were buried with essence of dukkah, and Hypocrates, it is said, used the herbs and ingredients in dukkah for health outcomes. But we think the best reason to eat our version, Phukka, is that it is simply delicious!

Here we provide the easiest gourmet flavour experience, just by adding Phukka to a traditional eggs on toast for breakfast:

Ingredients for 2 people

- fresh sourdough

- 4 free range eggs

- splash of milk of choice (or water if you prefer omelette style)

- cherry tomatoes

- olive oil

- shallots, red onion or chives.

- generous amounts of Phukka to taste

- plus optional condiments of choice; Persian fetta or labneh, snow pea sprouts, fried mushrooms, avocado, salt and pepper.

How to make

- Whisk the eggs together with milk or water and scramble in olive oil or fry to an omelette.

- toast two fresh slices of sourdough

- fry tomatoes in olive oil

- serve up eggs on toast with fried tomatoes and lashings of Phukka on top. 

- Garnish with onions of choice and add any condiments. We can really recommend Persian feta or labneh.

Now you can eat breakfast like the Pharoahs!