The Ancients used seaweed for long-life, health and healing - now science agrees.

Our sustainable Australian seaweed is one of the fastest growing crops on the planet, it reduced greenhouse gas emissions, turns nitrogen into protein, creates oxygen, cleans water and helps fight climate change! We also undertake clinical level research to make sure our seaweed delivers health to your pantry.

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    Seaweed is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet! This means that per calorie, seaweed packs so many micronutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients so a little bit of seaweed in your regular foods makes a big difference.

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    We capture rogue CO2 and nitrogen creating a true circular economy with no waste streams. Based on decades of science in marine systems, we have closed the loop on a sustainable, food ecology system linking the land to the sea and back again, bringing all of our planets nutrients to you.

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    Try our mega-hydrating, skin-nourishing seaweed super-molecule, Phyaluronic Acid TM. This molecule is used in ground breaking research on repairing and reconstructing human skin, protecting collagen and supporting the skin microbiome.

    It is also available in our all-natural, gentle, soothingly luscious skincare range.


    Our concentrated seaweed extract, SeaFibre, is the result of years of scientific research from the sea to your gut microbiome. We have published our work on SeaFibre as a powerful contributor to better gut health and an anti-inflammatory diet, and made it easy to take daily in a capsule or powder form.

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The health benefits of kombucha with the magic of seaweed. 

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  • "I love this Dukkah-style seaweed mix. We have it on all sorts of things - great with bread and oil, but also with fish and potatoes. Tastes sensational!"

  • "I can't get enough of this muesli, I am going to deplete their stocks at the rate I'm ordering. Best muesli, actually best breakfast cereal I've ever had. So delicious."

  • "Lovely quality skin cream. Feels great and makes my skin feel soft and smooth. After using this cream people have been commenting on how nice my skin looks. Will be telling all my friends."


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