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Athletes Bundle

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Elevate Your Performance with PhycoHealth Seaweed Athlete's Bundle.

Unlock the power of seaweed inside and out to maximise your health and performance.

Fuel your ambition, recovery, and vitality with our carefully crafted seaweed essentials tailored for the modern athlete, with a diversity of minerals, protein, gut healthy fibre, algal Omega-3.


Please note that currently this Athlete's Bundle has 2 x SeaFruit Straps in lieu of PhycoBites, until they make a return.

Product Information

Included in this bundle:

Phukka – Experience a blend rich in minerals, antioxidants and exceptional taste to support peak performance.

2 x SeaFruit Straps – Combat low energy moments with a boost of iron to help you go the extra mile. These are a great regular for athletes.

Pasta Variety – Our plant-based SeaSpirals, SeaShells and protein-enriched Phettuccine offer sustained energy for your demanding lifestyle.

PhycoSalt – Replenish vital iodine and salts lost during intense workouts to support metabolism.

PhycoMuesli – Kickstart your day with a protein-packed breakfast essential for athletic performance.

Phybre – Maintain gut health crucial for smooth recovery and a high-protein diet.

Soothe - Recover with a plumping formula that nurtures your skin post-training.

Nourish - Revitalise and deeply moisturise to combat chafing and maintain skin health under intense conditions.


Click on each product in the description above to find out how diverse and dense the nutrition in our bundle is.

How to use

Your bundle here means that you can get that dose of seaweed at every point in the day, from breakfast for the long haul ahead, to the top up snacks and energy, and the recovery meal at the end of the day. Click on the underlined products to learn about each one.