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An elixir for your gut....

The tradition of kombucha is all about fermentation. The microbiome and the organic acids that are created.  and the health benefits of the microbiome created during fermentation, and some of the trace elements that are derived from the seaweed source.

The health benefits of PhycoBucha come from a complex microbiome of probiotics, prebiotics, organic acids, B vitamins, as well as a blast of anti-oxidants from seaweed and tea. With our unique Australian seaweed, we are taking kombucha back to its origins. Kombu-Cha...Japanese for Kelp Tea.

We are developing a range of flavour experiences with natural ingredients that complement the seaweed, tea and organic acids to choose from. Soon we will launch an online purchase option, so watch this space.

Currently these products are only available through cafes and retail, and you can find our stockists here.

If you would like to becomes a stockist then please visit our wholesale site and request access.

Read about our PhycoBucha team - as unique a blend as our products.


PhycoBucha - kombucha with the magic of seaweed

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