If you get the right amount of seaweed in your diet, that's all you need. But you need to eat about 200g fresh seaweed to get the same amount of seafibre that we included in our clinical studies. This means that some seaweed are not suitable as they have too much iodine to be eaten in such amounts. PhycoHealth uses seaweed that has safe levels of iodine and formulates food and supplements with the full knowledge of the trace element profile for real and safe health outcomes.  

SeaFibre-3 is a very concentrated fraction of the glycan fibre molecules in our unique species of green seaweed. Therefore it is different to most brown and red seaweed products on the market, and it is concentrated extract in a capsule. Our clincial studies indicated some specific gut flora changes and how this affects overall wellness. These sulfated molecules with high rhamnose and glucuronic acids have unique recognition patterns with human epithial (skin) and immune cells and we are undertaking research on how they interact with the human gut directly, gut flora as well as optimising the food you eat.

These differences to other seaweed and whole seaweed powder, means that there will be unique effects in terms of which gut flora and gut processes it benefits, and some of these were linked to gut health and inflammation processes. However we can't test all inflammation and immune diseases, and everyone is unique. So, consider SeaFibre-3 as a way to get more seaweed glycan fibres into you without needing to become a sushi chef, or to take on days when you know that your fibre intake was low or you didn't use your PhycoHealth food pantry

Both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, as well as rheumatoid arthritis, are increasingly being linked to the gut. Although different in diagnosis, they are regarded as autoimmune and both show raised inflammation in blood tests (CRP). Inflammatory disorders are increasingly being linked to gut dysbiosis (imbalance).

In our clinical studies we found that inflammation was reduced in groups that had high CRP-inflammation, and this might be one of the mechanisms that led to case studies of reduced psoriasis. How this works is still being studied, but it could be a result of direct interaction of our connective tissue like seaweed extracts with the gut lining and immune system, or effects on the microbiota that reside in your gut.

Because of the special structure of our seaweed extract that mimic human connective tissue, we undertook a series of studies with human skin cells and wound healing research. We found that unlike other seaweed extracts, our seaweed PhycoDerm extracts are recognised by special receptors on human skin cells and have a strong binding affinity. This means that humans cells attached to and thrive on our extract, which also modulates and protects natural collagen in the skin structures. This is why we have developed a new skin product range featuring both connective tissue rich and peptide rich extracts for cleansing and caring for your skin daily.

PhycoHealth is proud to be increasing our footprint in retail stores. We believe that these retailers espouse good food, responsible sourcing and packaging, and value the important things including how food can make a difference to your lifelong wellness.

You can see our stockists here. Alternatively if you are visiting the Jervis Bay area, you can call in to our factory at 1 Scallop St Huskisson NSW 2540.

Soon we hope to be in a few international retail stores so watch this space.

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