PHYCODERM SKIN CARE made from Australian seaweed

We are on a long journey of research and development in medical grade materials for human tissue using our unique seaweed extracts. However we are keen to share our experiences of PhycoDerm® PhycoTrix and PhycoTide now with our range of skin formulations that focus on these very unique seaweed extracts.

We have found that these extracts mimic human skin molecules and are very well recognised by our cells as an amazingly compatible connective tissue. These molecules can hold over 2000 times their weight in water and provide for added hydration, protection from pollutants, protection and structuring of collagen, and blocking oxidising, aging processes. This is why we wanted to bring them to you today, while our research into these exciting glycan molecules for medical applications continues.

Currently we have developed a daily skin care regime series of products. These are as natural and safe as we can possibly make them. We take care in our selection of compatible products for your well-being and for the environment. Our products are not tested on animals except human ones and, are all Made in Australia.