Collection: Ocean Science creating beauty inside and out

Discovered, clinically tested and formulated to bring our unique Australian seaweed ingredient help you to protect and maintain your skin. Our discovery boasts a powerful ocean molecule that protects collagen, is a sensory delight, and enhances natural beauty and wellness from within to your skin.

Try our secret form the sea, super hydrating, skin-nourishing ingredient in an all-natural, organic, soothingly luscious skincare range.  No animal testing, only humans!  

Ocean Science creating beauty inside and out

  • We were surprised how much human skin cells wanted to grow and multiply when exposed to our unique seaweed gel extracts in the lab!

  • Our unique seaweed extract has exceptional powers of hydration, holding up to 2,000 times its weight in water for a naturally youthful plumping effect.

  • Our unique seaweed extracts protected the collagen in skin cells from enzyme attack and even encouraged more collagen and elastin to grow! Collagen and elastin are vital for youthful elastic skin.

  • Our unique seaweed extracts contain powerful marine anti-oxidants to help protect against the premature ageing of skin.