Collection: All of Phyco

This is our full range - from head to toe, inside and out. Getting seaweed into everyone's life, every day, will go a long way to better health, recovery, and getting the best out of life for the longest time.
All of Phyco

  • Eat for the taste, reap the benefits: our seaweed enhanced products win major food awards for sheer deliciousness.

  • The unique fibres in our seaweed have been clinically proven to reduce inflammatory markers in the blood, and are a powerful and effective contributor to an anti-inflammatory diet.

  • Clinical trials show the unique SeaFibre in our seaweed promotes good gut bacteria and markedly improves gut health.

  • Our seaweed is naturally high in quality plant protein and contains vital nutrients often deficient in modern diets. High in iron, B12, manganese, boron, magnesium and iodine.