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At PhycoHealth, our first mission is to bring better health through seaweed into the most familiar foods on Australian tables. In this way, not all foods in our range cater to individual needs, but we are working on it.

About 1% of us are diagnoses as coeliacs, and this is a serious health issue. Four of our products are made in facilities that do not process gluten. These products are SeaFruit Straps, Mermaid Medley, PhycoDamias and Sea C's, and these will be suitable products for you.

Other products in our range are not made in a gluten-free facility, but they do not contain gluten in the ingredients, and these products will be suitable to those of you choosing to lower your gluten intake for other reasons. These products include Phukka, PhycoDamias, PhycoSalt, and our SeaFibre range including Phybre.

Some of you regularly request our pasta in a gluten-free version, and we are working on that. Please watch this space as we work hard to grow on many fronts, including being able to offer you gluten-free pasta.

The best thing to do if you are concerned about gluten intake is to see your doctor about a proper assessment for coeliac disease risk because that is a  condition that needs to be managed without gluten. Otherwise, there are a number of bowel disorders related to a whole suite of dietary imbalances, and diets like the FODMAPS approach can help you to eliminate and identify what might be the problem, and then to reset and eat very diverse foods again. Maybe even our traditional pasta!

Products without gluten

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  • Eat for the taste, reap the benefits: our seaweed enhanced products win major food awards for sheer deliciousness.

  • The unique fibres in our seaweed have been clinically proven to reduce inflammatory markers in the blood, and are a powerful and effective contributor to an anti-inflammatory diet.

  • Clinical trials show the unique SeaFibre in our seaweed promotes good gut bacteria and markedly improves gut health.

  • Our seaweed is naturally high in quality plant protein and contains vital nutrients often deficient in modern diets. High in iron, B12, manganese, boron, magnesium and iodine.