We are on an exciting journey to improve human health and nutrition and combat global warming by harnessing the powers of our sustainably farmed Australian seaweed.

Over 20 years ago, our founder Dr Pia Winberg was seeking a more sustainable, low emissions way to grow food from the oceans and coastal zones.  Ahead of her time perhaps, she realised seaweed was a missing link: seaweed re-oxygenates the seas, buffers against acidity and can grow up to 50 times faster than land based crops.  She went on to discover a unique Australian species of seaweed and develop the technology to farm it sustainably, while capturing copious CO2 and nitrogen spill-off from industry and releasing only clean, oxygenated water back into the environment.

In doing so, Pia realised what a nutritional dynamite seaweed was – particularly the seaweed she’d discovered, with its exceptional taste and nutrition profile for human health. For the last 14 years she has been showing how seaweed fills the gap for so many nutrients in our diet; some of them able to overcome global health challenges such as inflammation, trace element deficiencies and poor gut health. 

With many clinical trials now to her name, Pia’s research has convinced her of the benefits of enjoying seaweed every day – a mantra she personally lives by.  After all – fish gain their nutritional benefits from eating seaweed!  Do you know which seaweeds offer what health benefits though? With 20 years of research in the production of different seaweeds and their role in human health, Phycohealth does this for you.  By including a bit of seaweed in your breakfast, snacks and meal routines, you don’t have to try too hard. 

Try adding seaweed to your life today!
  • Pia

    I try to keep my health up to speed with a busy life, by making sure I get some seaweed in at least one meal a day. I love the Mediterranean diet, and so getting seaweed in my pasta is my favorite way to save the world. It really feels like the world can be changed through a hearty bowl.

  • Gary

    As a chef, I got to test challenging foods throughout my career. But nothing prepared me for the diversity of ways we can eat seaweed everyday. But my passion is sourdough, and combining
    seaweed with sourdough just ticks all my boxes. Saving the world through my passion for food!

  • Saskia

    Growing up with a mother who
    had seaweed all over the house, left
    me with little choice than to start
    being creative with it. I invented
    Phettucccine when I was 15; in the
    kitchen with our pasta maker. Now
    Fedora pasta make it for us thank