The essentials for daily skin care

The essentials for daily skin care

There has been so much research done on skin care products and ingredients, looking for that elusive miracle molecule that will reverse aging on the outside. This is a bit like the pursuit of a miracle fix for weight loss – there is none. Rather, it is more about prevention and a lifelong approach to wellness through a good skin care regime. Routine and consistency of a skin care regime does not need to be overly pricey, but it needs to cover cleansing, hydrating and protecting.

This is what will minimise damage throughout life. It is never to late to start, but it is better to start now.

It is with this frame of mind that we developed our skin care range, in order to:

1) Cleanse well to remove clogging materials, but without too much drying of the skin (CLEANSE). Science has showed that larger natural polymers that are naturally charged can strip away the surface grime, without disrupting the underlying natural barrier of skin. This is where we believe that our super large and super charged seaweed molecules come to their fore.

2) Plump and moisturize by drinking plenty of water  and using a nice moisture rich ingredient  on your skin (SOOTHE). For drier skin add a layer of moisture barrier with some skin friendly oils (NOURISH).

3) Protect your skin from sun & pollution. I can’t understate that this is important to do, everyday, during normal daytime exposure through work, rest or play. If you live in a city, you should also choose a barrier that also helps to ward off pollution. Sun and pollution together create more than a double whammy of stress on skin. Just get into a routine of a thin film of natural zinc based and skin friendly sun barriers on exposed parts of the skin – hands, throat and face (SHIELD).

On top of this you can add some additional treatment that allow for relaxation and anti-oxidation after a full day, which is where PURIFY comes in. PURIFY is packed with the antioxidants that we optimize in our seaweed production.

Here is what some of our skincare customer have to say about our products:

I've been using Nourish for 12 months or so and this product is  really lovely on my skin, it's the perfect consistency and when I go for facials I'm always told my skin is really hydrated - thank you.

JACKI (North Manly, NSW, Australia)

Have been using Nourish for about 12 months now...Love it..not greasy easy to apply and my skin has definitely improved ...I am 70 and I wouldn't use anything else ...Love your products..

SHIRLEY (Basin View, NSW, Australia)

My first order of Nourish fortuitously arrived just after I completed Photodynamic Therapy for the removal of pre-cancerous sunspots on my face. Completely healed in four days! Also, other dry spots that nothing else would address, have also gone.

ROSALIE  (Megan, NSW, Australia)

I have the skin of an 80 year old (but I'm only in my 50s!). Years of eczema, cortisone, sun damage and basically reacting badly to 99% of moisturisers, Nourish has been a saviour for the skin on my face and arms. I bleed under my skin easily and the skin on my arms tears with the smallest bump, but with the help of Nourish and Seafibre-3 tablets, I'm healing much quicker with less bruising. I'm using a 'slow and steady' approach to improving my skin - I just wish the Nourish lotion was available in a bigger container as I go through it so quickly.

JANET (Shoalhaven Heads, NSW, Australia)

--- and don't forget that for skin, it is also what you put on the inside that matters.....

I suffer from psoriasis and my finger and toenails were rotting (psoriatic nails). After taking SEAFIBRE for 2 months I now have healthy nails. I now plan to grow them to a length where I can have a manicure.

MICHELLE (Narooma, NSW, Australia)

.... and don't forget that the diet creates your skin and excercise will make it glow!