PHYCOMUESLI for a nutritional breakfast

Now with 40% more! and featuring our seaweed protein clusters – seaweed in the morning has never been easier.

Made with our concentrated seaweed PhycoTein that has:

  • All essential Amino Acids and B12,
  • natural omega-3
  • broad spectrum micro nutrients including iron, iodine, manganese and boron
  • SeaFibre glycans
  • Protein

Our muesli also contains extra protein from hemp seeds!

Did you know that most countries in the world still have chronic iron deficiency in their populations. Seaweed iron has been show to be bioavailable and to overcome anaemia. A solid breakfast with a serving of PhycoMuesli will deliver over 40% of your daily iron needs!


PHYCOMUESLI for a nutritional breakfast

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