Health Survey

Thanks to everyone who participated in the recent online survey, about why you are interested in seaweed in your diet. We had a large response with over 25 chronic health concerns, and an overwhelming sense of the helplessness that people feel .
2 key frustrations for most of you are
1) the side effects of drug medications that are used to treat symptoms, or
2) frustration at a resistance of medical practitioners to explore the root causes and keep up to speed on holistic approaches.

Some of you also said.....

“So much information re healthy life choices, are conflicting & research is not always delivered correctly, thus causing confusion.”

As new information and research emerges, it is often complex and triggers new questions and only some answers. Especially for gut microbiome effects different health conditions that are not fully understood – but we know that gut health does affect many of the chronic health issues that were raised. You need to be careful when anyone tells you that they know the solution to health issues that are triggered by the gut and what you eat - the truth cannot be so simple unfortunately. Especially as this is going to depend so much on the complicated ecosystem that exists inside each individual. But there are things we know generally, and it is an exciting time to be able to test foods and your individual responses. Seaweed can be a part of the solution to better health for many people... that is a given. Indeed seaweed is one of the oldest forms of food for health that is known. Now we can take the journey and see how many other health issues can be improved from shifting the gut microbiome with seaweed.