The Benefits of Natural Nori Seaweeds Sheets and Seaweed Health Products for the Gut

At PhycoHealth, we aim to make the benefits of seaweed accessible to you at any time of the day with a wide selection of seaweed-infused foods and nutritional options. We have been operating for two years, continually testing and researching to find out what works most efficiently. We offer seaweed foods you can eat every single day to help keep your gut healthy.

Nori seaweeds sheets are a type of edible seaweed you can enjoy either fresh or dried. Nori sheets and other seaweed products contain many nutrients that can aid in long-term gut health. Here’s what to look out for when you’re ready to incorporate seaweed into your diet.

Four Things to Look for When Buying Seaweed Products

  • Make sure the seaweed health products you buy are backed by scientific research. At PhycoHealth, we have completed several clinical studies involving gut health that yielded results showing a shift in gut flora as well as reduced inflammation and cholesterol with help from seaweed.
  • Locally grown is always best, and PhycoHealth maintains the first seaweed farm in Australia. You always know your seaweed is fresh from a source where the seaweed is monitored to ensure the iodine levels are just right for what your body needs.
  • Research the nutritional properties of seaweed products such as natural nori seaweeds so you know what to look for. In addition to a wide range of other nutritional benefits, seaweed is incredibly high in fibre with a higher fibre content than even most fruits and vegetables. Some sugars found in seaweed have been linked to an increase in the growth of good gut bacteria. Ensure the seaweed products you select don’t strip away these strong health benefits.
  • Look for sustainable growth to cut down on your personal carbon footprint. At PhycoHealth, we capture the Australian sun and sea to grow unique local seaweed so we can help to reduce the carbon footprint of our food processing neighbours.

Benefits of Ingesting Seaweed for the Gut

At PhycoHealth, we don’t cure diseases, but by harnessing the power of seaweed, we support the rebalancing of your gut to support your lifelong gut health. Many inflammatory disorders can be affected by our seaweed foods and nutritional options, but we also know health is unique: it all boils down to the person’s condition, their gut state, and other lifestyle factors. Finding seaweed for the gut that works for you has never been easier: we offer foods and seaweed nutrition sources that make getting the nutrients you need simple and delicious.

Our seaweed products can become a key ingredient in your healthy lifestyle. It is often difficult to support and sustain lifelong health with the foods you can find on a supermarket shelf, but with our seaweed products, we can put that nutrition back into your everyday diet.

Contact us and have a look at our selection of products to find the seaweed items that will fit your lifestyle. If you love pasta, try our SeaSpirals for a healthy dose of seaweed in a delicious dish. Try PhycoSalt to keep getting the iodine you need without relying on ordinary table salt. From nutritional aids to skin-soothing beauty products, start your seaweed journey today.