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SEAFIBRE-FUCOIDAN super marine duo from Australian-grown seaweeds

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A super marine duo from seaweeds. SeaFibre-FUCOIDAN™ is our propriety seaweed extract from our green seaweed, SeaFibre, blended carefully with our new marine ingredient, Fucoidan extract from brown Australian sourced Wakame seaweed from the cool waters of Tasmania. Fucoidan is known to support gut and anti-inflammatory processes in the body and is widely used by the Japanese. With SeaFibre-FUCOIDAN, you can live the life of a person on a traditionally seaweed-rich diet.

Product Information

Taking SeaFibre™ is an easy way to increase and diversify your fibre intake to help you promote a healthy, happy gut, as shown in the research from our clinical studies and as featured in the Clever Guts Diet by Dr. Michael Mosley.
Not only that, our recently published research on clinical studies showed that there are also improvements to chronic inflammation systems in people taking SeaFibre. This is similar and complementary to the traditional Japanese Fucoidan fibre from brown seaweeds, and therefore SeaFibre-Fucoidan offers you a double upgrade of your "sulfated glycan" intake. These highly charged molecules from the sea used to be a part of traditional human diets, and are important in the gut microbiome processes and profile.
Taking SeaFibre-fucoidan alone, or in a pattern with SeaFibre-3 or SeaFibre-CAL, helps you cover all bases of better health for the long term. Just take 2-6 capsules per day, whenever you feel that the diversity of your diet from seaweeds is lacking.


Each jar contains 90g of capsules, each with 0.55g soluble, sulphated-glycan fibre as well as Magnesium and Boron from Sea lettuce (Ulva sp. 84) and Mekabu (Undaria pinnatifida) fucoidan extract.

How to use

Take 2.2g in 4 capsules daily, with food and plenty of water. If you are sensitive to a sudden increase in fibre intake then it can be useful to start with 2 capsules daily and after a week or two, increase to 4 capsules daily.