PhycoHealth Newsletter February 2018

May 06, 2018

PhycoHealth frontiers

PhycoHealth is excited about a few new frontiers for our products, including on the other side of Australia. The BoatShed Marketplace will feature our range of PhycoFood products – the shipment is on its way. So if you are local to Perth and have been buying online – you can soon access our products at a retail location close to you.

We also have products on their way to San Francisco FoodBytes 18! The event starts on March 1. As an alumna from the first FoodBytes on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island last year, we will remain active within the Food Bytes network of exciting new agritechnologies that continue to emerge and change the face of food production as we know it today. If you are in San Francisco – then you can attend FoodBytes to listen to the pitches for some of the latest in ag/foodtech solutions, and look for the gift bags with the PhycoHealth SeaC’s.

Food Products

For those of your waiting - Our delicious SeaSpirals are back in stock! SeaSpirals are great for pasta salads, or with your favourite pasta sauce. You'll be surprised how easy it is to feed these to even the most sceptical person of seaweed.

“Naturally Good” Biobellies"

I know you are all waiting patiently for the outcomes of our second gut health study, and we appreciate your patience – we are flat out growing, making, analysing data and just trying to increase our production to be able to meet the demand. However the gut health results from over 180 samples are back and the researchers are busy comparing the results, while the anti-inflammatory effects on the blood are still be analysed. We will have a lot of this data analysis completed by April 30 when Pia Winberg will be presenting Seaweed Disrupting the Food and health paradigm at the Naturally Good Event in Sydney. This event is for traders and health industry professionals, so we look forward to seeing you there if you fit this bill. We will also be exhibiting alongside our local colleagues under the BlueBiotech Shoalhaven banner.

Global Microbiome Research Exploding!

Meanwhile, the juggernaut of research effort going into gut health will be the feature of Italy during March, when the Gut Microbiota for Health World Summit meets. There will be so many themes, but of great interest is the research that continues to link chronic inflammatory disorders to gut dysbiosis (that just means messed up gut bacteria).

We mentioned in our last newsletter that there are over 70 auto-immune/inflammation related disorders that used to be viewed as very distinct health conditions; things like psoriasis, diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis etc. It may be that they are distinct in the detailed causes of the condition as well as differences in different people, but what is emerging is that many of these are linked to triggers from the gut.

For example, Washington University researchers found that some gut microbes make a molecule that dampens an excited immune system and stops it from attacking "self", when you eat foods that have similar molecular patterns to your own. This is one reason why food intolerances might be so rife these days – it isn’t always the food that is the problem, but your gut flora that may not be in the right proportions to allow you to tolerate some foods.

Along these lines, a Spanish and Canadian research partnership similarly just found that a very common group of bacteria (Bacteroides) that make up at least 30-60% of gut bacteria, are important in controlling the body’s immune system. Your immune system can get out of whack without these bacteria in the right proportions and lead to attack proteins that cause inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).

Some people in our study self-reported types of inflammatory bowel diseases now have access to information on their ratio of Bacteroides to other bacteria

– so with this global research effort and aligning patterns from different research groups, we can start to look at exploring the gut patterns and what to eat to change them – this field of knowledge is growing at such a fast rate and is truly exciting as many people will be able to find a personalised nutrition solution to sometimes lifelong health struggles.






The Clever Guts Recipe Book: Delicious recipes to help you nourish your body from the inside out" by Dr. Clare Bailey and Joy Skipper, Intro by Dr. Michael Mosley

You are mostly all aware of Dr. Michael Mosley's number one best seller from last year, with his Clever Guts Diet book, featuring some of our research. Now Dr. Clare Bailey has released the companion cookbook with her Clever Guts Diet Recipe Book.

Check out the 150 delicious recipes, including our stunning Terra Mare Salad with Phukka (pictured), and another 15 recipes featuring seaweed! So this is a go to everyday recipe book for those of you looking at new ways to get seaweed into your diet everyday. Next to our more coffee table inspiration seaweed recipe book Coastal Chef.


New Tim Flannery book: "Sunlight and Seaweed: An Argument for How to Feed, Power and Clean Up the World"

Tim Flannery's latest book explores the potential of kelp, a fast-growing sea algae to reduce levels of atmospheric carbon. Looking at the fascinating science behind the technologies and systems already in operation around the world, and features the production systems behind our first Australian seaweed food cultivation system. We sure are going to have to eat a lot of seaweed and make a lot of products from seaweed in the future to make a dent in Climate Change – but it all starts with small steps so keep that in mind as you swirl your Phettucine onto your “phork”.