Supercharged and plant-based skincare

Supercharged and plant-based skincare

Phyaluronic Acid – Supercharged and plant based skin care

I just got to spend a week in Italy, showcasing our unique seaweed extract to the world at Cosmoprof Bologna. What a whirlwind of global skin business! It was amazing to be able to present something totally new, although you, our founding customers, have been across the benefits of our PhycoDerm skincare range for a while now. Just think - you got it before the rest of the world did!

Our seaweed molecule, PhycoDerm SXRG84, is new to the skincare world, although it has been protecting our seaweed species #84 for 100,000s of years. Our scientific research keeps blowing us away with just how special it is. 

Phyaluronic acid – a new molecule explained

SXRG84 is very close in molecular design to human skin components, such as hyaluronic acid and glucuronic acid, except that it is a super charged version of them and it is all plant based, not from animals or genetically synthesized like hyaluronic acid is. You can’t get this type of uronic acid from any type of seaweed either – we are pretty unique in the world of this molecule.

Uronic acids – Protecting, hydrating, regulating and nourishing skin.

Hyaluronic acid and Dermatan sulfate are some of the uronic acids in human tissue that are vital structural components in human skin.

There is a lot of talk about collagen, a protein, giving skin structure, but it is the hyaluronic acid and dermatan sulfate telling the collagen how to be structured and to fill in the skin, retain moisture, regulate inflammation and support the skin's immune and communication systems.

Tissue proteins are nothing without their trusty sugar partners, the uronic acids, and for this reason hyaluronic acid has become a big ingredient in skincare.

Functions of uronic acids

  • anti-aging through anti-oxidation
  • plumping to reduce wrinkles with the most impressive moisture retention molecules
  • triggering cells to repair mode in wound healing
  • increasing skin elasticity through protection of skin proteins like collagen and elastin
  • modulating the immune system and relieving conditions like eczema

Enter the plant based alternative from seaweed 84 – clinical research proving it can come from plants

We have demonstrated extremely successful skin cell and tissue support and protection in our research with SXRG84. This is what has enabled us to 3D print new skin tissue and work towards a number of different wound healing and clinical applications.

Meanwhile, we put our marine, plant-based SXRG84 into our skincare range to deliver similar functions to hyaluronic acid such as:


SXRG84 can hold twice as much water as hyaluronic acid due to its high charge. Skin plumpness (read anti-wrinkles) is just a product away.

  • Protection

SXRG84 has demonstrated a shield like effect on collagen and elastin when bombarded with collagen breaking enzymes

  • Inflammation and immune support

Triggering immune system regulation in skin cells just as it did in our clinical studies of the gut

  • Prebiotic and microbiome friendly

Nice microbes love our SXRG84 and we work continuously with understanding how we can restore and support healthy and healing microbiomes on skin and soft tissues all around the body.

  • Sustainably, naturally, plant-based

It is not odd that uronic acids that mimic human connective tissue come from animals like pigs or rooster combs, as well as genetically modified microbes. If you support the need for sustainable, natural solutions, then we are so lucky that our seaweed #84 produces this very unique molecule that talks to human skin, unlike other seaweed molecules.

Let the roosters keep their combs and try some Phyaluronic acid in our PhycoDerm skincare range today.


From Bologna