Bettina's Savoury French Toast with Courgette Tzatziki & Phukka

Bettina's Savoury French Toast with Courgette Tzatziki & Phukka

Try out this delicious recipe by Bettina from @bettinas_kitchen !

I have recently been introduced to Phyco Health, a super impressive brand of award winning food, skin, and gut health products, created from sustainably farmed Australian seaweed!  Their product range is a blend of oceanic nutrition, plant proteins and a potent Sea-Fibre that targets inflammation and promotes gut health.

For this recipe, I am using their lovely seaweed enhanced dukkah called Phukka, which has subtle sea-flavours that bring to life everything from salads to pastas, making each meal a nourishing and delicious experience.  I have created a delicious savoury French Toast using Phukka in the batter and to top the dish, along with a refreshing courgette tzatziki. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of green seaweeds is their rapid growth rate, which is up to 50 times faster than terrestrial plants. This not only means a sustainable and abundant source of food but also a significant positive impact on the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide.

Phyco Health's commitment to sustainability, health, and the innovative use of green seaweeds totally aligns with my values of mindful eating and environmental responsibility. The fact that Phukka is packed with B12, iron, and fiber, sourced from the rapidly growing green seaweeds, makes it a go to ingredient in my kitchen for both its nutritional benefits and its minimal environmental footprint.

Give this a go and let me know what you think!

- Bettina @bettinas_kitchen


Savoury French Toast with Courgette Tzatziki & Phukka Sprinkles

Makes 2 servings


1 large slice of bread, or 2 medium slices

olive oil, for frying

For the Batter:

2 large tbsp of Phyco Health Seaweed Phukka

50g plain or gluten free flour

175g plant milk 

½ tsp baking powder

pinch of salt

For the Courgette Tzatziki:

150g yoghurt, plant or dairy

½ courgette, grated

1 clove garlic, grated

juice of ¼ lemon

salt & pepper to taste

For the Topping:

6 cherry tomatoes, sliced in half

handful of micro greens

1 tbsp Phyco Health Seaweed Phukka



In a mixing bowl, make the courgette tzatziki by adding the yoghurt, courgette, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper together and mix until combined.  Set aside.

To make the french toast batter, add the batter ingredients together in a flat-ish bowl and whisk until combined.

Heat some olive oil in a large frying pan.

Dip the bread into the batter mix to coat it completely.  Then place this into the frying pan, pouring any remaining batter mix on top and cook for a few minutes on each side until nice and browned and crispy.

When ready, place onto a serving plate and top with the tzatziki, tomatoes and micro greens.  Finally, sprinkle some more Phyco Health Seaweed Phukka on top,  to finish!