Which Seafibre is my story?

Which Seafibre is my story?

Lots of people ask me, 'which SeaFibre product should I take?'

When I started to develop the concept for SeaFibre and our clinical studies, I was targeting a globally common problem in the modern food system. That is, the lack of fibre, and specifically soluble functional fibres from seaweeds. I knew that we had a pretty unique fibre, but until the clincial studies were done, we couldn't know just how important this category of fibre could be. There are many ways SeaFibre works and broad benefits include adjusting the gut microbiome, supporting those metabolically challenged with cholesterol, and those fighting inflammation symptoms like psoriasis.

Now, five years on, we have also been touched by so many customers sharing their personal experiences and benefits of SeaFibre. These stories are both anecdotal and personal, because your gut and immune systems are highly complex and unique to you; even if there are some overarching common themes. SeaFibre should be considered as one strategy in your arsenal for lifelong health alongside a diverse and plant-rich diet, adequate sleep, moderate excercise, and also consider what personal nutrition and health story you have. 

Keeping the systems in check for you personally

Sometimes, chronic inflammation is a consequence of a number of things beyond a dysfunctional gut microbiome, including a lack of long chain Omega-3’s.

Sometimes, symptoms of inflammation, like psoriasis as one of many, stem from more nutritional issues than triggers from the gut alone, and can be linked to a calcium deficiency.

And sometimes, your immune system and recovery requires a broader range of seaweed-fibres working on more types of gut microbes.

Your story is complex and unique to you, so we tailored SeaFibre with some other key nutrients that are specific to certain needs. Here are the nutritional reasons for these:

If you don’t get enough seafood or fish oil, SeaFibre-3 is for you.

Some of you just don’t get enough seafood, or take Omega-3 in fish oil capsules. In Seafibre-3, the original source of Omega-3 DHA, marine algae, come to the rescue to tackle inflammation support on a number of fronts. Not only is Seafibre-3 beneficial for gut related inflammation, but Omega-3 supports other anti-inflammatory processes, and our clinical studies have also shown how Omega-3 is important for good brain function as well.

There is a slight aroma to to SeaFibre-3 because of the Omega-3, but our regular customers will tell you it just takes a bit of getting used to and then you don't notice it.

Not eating sardines or dairy? SeaFibre-CAL makes it easier to get calcium.

Calcium is deficient in about 40 % of people globally, and we found the deficiency in our local clinical studies matched that pattern. Not only that, but calcium deficiency is overrepresented in people with psoriasis, a core symptom of our inflammation focused research, even if gut inflammation is a key trigger. Calcium gradients in the skin are important for good skin turnover, and deficiency may contribute to psoriasis, not to mention bone health throughout life and in excercise. Calcium carbonate from Rock Oysters is an FDA approved ingredient, and in SeaFibre-CAL the calcium is nicely balanced with the natural magnesium and boron in SeaFibre for a more complete and safe mineral balance. This goes for those needing healthy bone support as well.

Need even more immune system support or recovery?

At some time in life, you might need broader gut-microbiome, immune-system support. Our seaweed duo complex of SeaFibre with Fucoidan has got to be the premium and most diverse, seaweed-support system available. There are few plant ingredients that are clinically tested, let alone seaweed ones, and here you get two of the them at once. Seafibre-Fucoidan has doses of green and brown functional seaweed extracts that are showing increasing clinical evidence of support for regulation of your immune system through the gut, reduction in gut pathogens, improvements in good gut microbes, and enhancing recovery in treatment of injuries and diseases. So if your Omega-3 rich diet and sardine breakfasts cover your Omega-3 and calcium, or you are in a recovery period, then adding SeaFibre-Fucoidan to your daily routine could cover more of your immune system support.

Mix and match or add to your pantry range

Some of our customers mix and match the three SeaFibre products because each day is different. Somedays you get adequate seafood or calcium and some days you don't, so switching between SeaFibre products is what some people do. Some people just don’t get enough fibre, even with SeaFibre supplements, and so they add Phybre to their pantry as well, to further increase the diversity of fibre in their morning cereal or smoothies. Most of us need a lot more fibre, but not just one type. The more diversity of fibre you can get the better. Going overboard on one type of fibre alone, like I have seen some do on psyllium husk, might give you a bit of a bloating shock, compared to getting different types of fibres. Some fibre, like SeaFibre, can also have very specific gut activity for your immune system that is less common in other foods sources.

Wrapping up those micronutrients with seaweed 

Finally, there are a few key nutrients that shouldn’t be missed and that are easy to cover off in our seaweed products include B12, iron, folate, zinc and Vitamin A. Some of these micronutrients are missing for certain industrialised, vegan or geographic reasons. On the other hand, some people are sensitive to certain micronutrients and need to avoid them. There is usually a Seafibre and PhycoHealth food ingredient that can be tailored to your needs.

Mix and Match for your personal health journey:

Here are some suggestions for your specific needs following some common questions that we get:

If you have ....



GUT HEALTH and INFLAMMATION ISSUES on a GOOD SEAFOOD DIET  or with OMEGA-3 ELSEWHERE – We can recommend SeaFibre-Fucoidan and maybe top-up with some Phybre


INFLAMMATION and missing MINERALS – We can recommend Seafibre-CAL and Phukka

VEGAN DIETS or ANEMIA – We can recommend Phukka, PhycoMuesli and PhycoSalt, for complete protein, B12, iron and iodine

INFLAMMATION and ANTI-OXIDANTS – We can recommend Seafibre-3 and Phukka or PhycoBites

INFLAMMATION in RECOVERY – We can recommend Seafibre-Fucoidan and our Protein pack – for boosting your immune system and protein for repair

MENOPAUSE and BONE HEALTH – SeaFibre-CAL and SeaFibre-Fucoidan or Phybre

PEOPLE WHO ARE SENSITIVE TO IRON or IODINE - we track where the iron goes in our processing, and it is enriched in our PhycoMuesli and PhycoBites products, but reduced in SeaFibre. Similarly, iodine is present but in safe and lower amounts in our SeaFibre and seaweed compared to other seaweeds. So SeaFibre supplements can be suitable to those sensitive to iron and iodine as well.

Remember, if you have health concerns, always discuss with your doctor who knows your personal health journey and needs alongside you. PhycoHealth products are there to fill in dietary gaps for prevention of disease, recovery support and targeting the healthiest you for the longest time. They are not drugs and are there to make your nutrition, gut function and metabolism more diverse and more complete.

Filling in dietary gaps can make a big difference to your long term health, becuase missing them can certainly create havoc. We hope you are now empowered to choose wisely for your personal health journey.