Look towards Better Health with Roasted Australian Seaweed for Optimal Nutrition

We all consume seaweed on those rare occasions when we eat sushi, but did you know that it’s incredibly beneficial for your health? Now not everyone eats sushi, but even those who do, don’t consume enough to make any significant difference in their lives. PhycoHealth has been running for two years now but has only recently started scaling the market, being in only five retail stores, we are gradually gaining the interest of many more. We aim to improve health by adding seaweed to foods that you can eat every day because having our customers live the healthiest possible lifestyle is our goal. Australian nutritional seaweed is taking the world by storm, and we are hoping it becomes an important part of anyone's diet.

Seaweed Nutrition Works for Our Bodies

Seaweed is a form of algae that grows in the ocean making it a viable food source for ocean life and now for ours too. Green seaweed has a high iodine content and also aids in gut health by reducing inflammation and cholesterol as shown in two separate clinical studies. A bonus would be that it also has unique wound healing and skin repair abilities unlike any other seaweed ingredient on the market today.

We are founded in real science and sustainability, but we don’t want to be clinical as we are offering people a solution to take charge of their health through what they eat. Dried seaweed nutrition is the next best thing, offering benefits such as:

  1. Providing thyroid support
  2. Offering a good source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, C, E and K
  3. Contains a variety of different antioxidants
  4. Supports gut health
  5. Weight loss due to a delay in hunger
  6. May help improve your blood sugar reducing the risk of diabetes

We don’t “cure disease”, but we support the rebalancing of gut health and nutrition as a helping hand for lifelong health. We know that there will be many inflammatory disorders that we can help with when it comes to our seaweed food and supplements, but this will be down to the person's condition, gut state, and other lifestyle factors. Our seaweed is a key ingredient in a healthy life strategy, but it’s not the only one.

Don’t Knock It Till You Try It

We don’t want to be considered a fad; we are far from it. Seaweed is there to help you rebalance your lifestyle which won’t happen overnight. Try roasted seaweed nutrition before discarding it as something that will never work, because it just may surprise you. We are the first to do Australian nutritional seaweed, helping you find your way to better health on a better planet. Contact us anytime if you have any queries on our products and all its benefits, from our foods to our derma skin care range, we have it all. Enjoy the rewards of consuming seaweed inside and out as PhycoHealth uses science to provide new answers as to exactly how seaweed works to benefit our skin and gut health.