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Salt is a common ingredient that completes many recipes. While the amount of salt you use each day may vary depending on taste, insufficient salt in your food makes it bland and tasteless.

The main issue with salt is that using too much over time can trigger health issues. For example, an increase in salt can cause a spike in your blood pressure. High blood pressure over an extended period can ultimately lead to hypertension.

Why Should You Use Organic Seaweed Salt?

Salt is used in cooking or baking primarily as a flavour enhancer. Australian seaweed salt naturally contains a rich source of iodine created while the seaweed remains in the ocean. Seaweed salt can be used as a substitute for table salt regardless of whether you are cooking dinner for your family during the holiday season or you are baking a tray of cupcakes.

Iodine also plays an integral role during pregnancy. During this critical time of foetal development, seaweed salt provides both you and your baby with all the components of regular salt while supplying both of you with an increase of minerals and vitamins that are found naturally in seaweed.

With the important role that salt can play in your body, why not choose to use organic seaweed salt for a more natural form of iodine? Salt is helpful, in moderate quantities, to maintain specific bodily processes such as your thyroid function.

What are the Benefits of Seaweed?

Incorporating fresh seaweed salt provides a significant health benefit over and above being a substitute for generic salt. While seaweed salt can help to detoxify your body, it also promotes healthy digestion as it aids your body to release particular enzymes in support of absorbing healthy nutrients that in turn metabolise fats.

Diabetes is a major concern as the overall intake of heavily processed food continuously increases. Using fresh seaweed salt can decrease your risk of this life-changing disease as a specific acid in seaweed helps combat diabetes. Seaweed can also help to promote heart health as it improves circulation in your blood vessels and aids in preventing possible fatal conditions such as heart attacks.

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