Good Health Never Tasted So Good! Dried Australian Seaweed Snacks Are the Best for Nutrition

Even if you know the benefits that seaweed has, it can be tough to get enough into your diet through what you regularly eat. Sushi aficionados can eat roll after roll and be satiated well before they’ve had the seaweed that we recommend you have regularly. Those with kids know that it’s even harder to get kids to eat enough healthy food to begin with, let alone the supplements that fill the gaps.

Fortunately, PhycoHealth has the solution for you. With a line of different dried seaweed snacks, PhycoHealth lets you sneak in seaweed throughout the day in a tasty and healthy way. Even kids can enjoy the snacks. Dried Australian seaweed snacks taste just as good as the regular crisps but are healthier by a long shot.

A Variety of Healthy, Dried Seaweed Snacks for You and the Family

We make seaweed a core component of several different, tasty snacks. We know that not everyone will go for pure dried seaweed, so we’ve developed a few the best seaweed snacks that you’ll taste. A few highlights are our PhycoBites (a “protein bar” of seaweed and additional treats), Sea C’s (deliciously savoury and crunchy seaweed crisps), and Phycodamias (perfect before meals or to share with a friend over wine).

We incorporate the seaweed into our Australian seaweed snacks by health-conscious baking methods. By carefully controlling the conditions and ingredients, we can ensure that there’s no overload of too much fat or salt while you’re getting your nutritious fix. The design of these snacks also fits right into your regular diet by replacing nibbles that you already enjoy.

PhycoHealth’s Commitment to Sustainability is Almost as Delicious as the Snacks

We strive to take every measure possible to reduce our environmental footprint and maintain a conscious approach towards production and business practices. Our facilities in New South Wales use the natural sun and sea of the area to grow seaweed under precisely controlled conditions. The unique result is the seaweed that we use for all our products, including snacks and our dermatological line.

We even design our facility to be right nearby neighbouring food processors. Their by-products include CO2, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients. Left untended to go into the biosphere, they can cause an imbalance in the local ecosystem. By taking that excess and growing seaweed from it we contribute to sustainability. When that interacts with the water and oxygen in the water, our seaweed benefits from the nutrients and enhances even further the nutritive benefits of seaweed.

Health, sustainability, and deliciousness. PhycoHealth cares about these three, and we reflect that consideration with our core business practices. We believe in making the world a better place, so we start with our little corner in Australia. We’re excited to share our products with you and help you be healthier in a way that doesn’t sacrifice any of the flavour or convenience that you have come to expect. Contact us to find out more about our snacks, how we make them, and how we can help you.