A Guide to Buying Australian Seaweed Snacks in Bulk for Nutrition

For generations, our ancestors used seaweed for everyday health benefits. From seaweed baths for exfoliating skin and soothing stress away to cooking with seaweed for general wellbeing, seaweed has been used for years for a variety of reasons. Yet, in recent decades seaweed has been overlooked and underused in Australian diets. While ingredients such as kales and avocado have blown up for those with a health-conscious diet, seaweed has yet to see its well-deserved revival. At PhycoHealth, we are trying to change that by offering Australians an option for a tasty, healthy seaweed snack for nutrition. We make it easy for you to incorporate seaweed into even the busiest schedules with our options for buying bulk Australian sea snacks, and you will find convenient, nutritious choices that work for you.

Why Choose a Seaweed Snack for Nutrition?

While some people may turn their heads at the thought of eating seaweed, we have delicious, tasty choices for you that will suit even the pickiest eaters. Especially for those trying to incorporate better foods into a family diet, our options such as seaweed Phettucine and SeaSpirals are convenient and delicious for people young and old. Here are just a few benefits you will gain when buying our seaweed products.

  • Choc-full of Health Benefits: There are a variety of health benefits gained when consuming seaweed regularly. Not only does it have an extremely high Omega-3 count (and perfectly suitable for vegetarians) but it is also extremely rich in magnesium, iron, and iodine, something which is deficient in nearly all westernised countries. You can read more about the various health benefits of our seaweed snacks here.
  • Locally Harvested: Our seaweed comes right from the Australian shores. We harvest all our products locally, and in keeping with organic regulations, making our seaweed snacks a sustainable option for health-conscious diets. In Australia, we have a surplus of seaweed ready to be harvested, and we want to utilise our local supply as much as we can.
  • Easy and Delicious: Cooking with seaweed may seem complicated, but it’s not. Our snacking options make it easy to take on the road or into the office, and we are the only supplier in Australia for a seaweed snack in bulk. As such, incorporating the benefits of regularly eating seaweed into your families’ lunches, dinners and snacks has never been more convenient or delicious.

Try Seaweed Today

Whether you want to try a new seaweed snack in bulk or are simply curious about our amazing seaweed pasta, there are plenty of reasons to try seaweed today. At PhycoHealth, we are extremely passionate about seaweed and its health benefits and are more than happy to talk you through all our options for seaweed snacks and health products. Get in touch today if you’d like to learn more or want to buy seaweed snacks and products for you and your family.