PhycoHealth is The Place to Bulk Buy Seaweed Products and Food

PhycoHealth has the first Australian seaweed farm to produce food for our fellow Aussies’ consumption. We make seaweed easy to access every day, from breakfast to lunch to supplements that you can take when you are busy or need to optimise your nutrition. If that isn’t impressive enough, our skincare range will have your skin glowing in no time. Naturally, from the ocean, there is an abundance of it that we can use in different forms of foods for your everyday needs. Mums love it as they can now find healthy snacks for their kids with ease. PhycoHealth sells bulk seaweed products that have science to back up its benefits.

Bulk Buy Your Seaweed Snacksat PhycoHealth

Here we have a sustainable amount of food sources for your selection. If you buy bulk quantities of your favourite seaweed snack, you are sure to save some cash. Our focus is seaweed, but we also use other ingredients, especially marine-sourced to formulate a broad range of healthy, everyday products for you to try as a solution to your health issues such as psoriasis. This is a global challenge, next to gut health, and we are finding solutions to that, having seen many people already reaping the benefits. It is hard to support lifelong health from the current supermarket shelf – but with seaweed, we can put that nutrition back into your everyday diet.

Our range of bulk seaweed food is not huge, but it provides enough options to suit everyone’s needs.

  1. Phukka - Is a blend of seaweed, pistachio and Mediterranean herbs. Dip some bread into olive oil and then into the mixture or generously coat your food before grilling
  2. Sea C’s - A combination of corn chips and seaweed which are gluten-free and entirely natural for your enjoyment
  3. Phycosalt - Perfect for reducing your salt intake while getting maximum seaweed nutrition
  4. SeaSpirals - Are the ideal substitute for any wonderful pasta dish
  5. PhycoDamais - A endemic blend of nuts and seaweed for the perfect snack
  6. PhycoMuesli - The no-more-excuse-breakfast that will give you that seaweed nutrition you need first thing in the morning.

These are our bulk seaweed products that you will love. Seaweed is packed full of critical nutrients needed for your body, and although we can get these minerals from other sources, seaweed is by far the fastest and most efficient way.

Bulk Is the Way to Go

The most cost-effective way to obtain your favourite snack is to buy it in bulk. That way you will not run out as easily and save. Contact us today for any information you require that isn’t available on our website. PhycoHealth has been in operation for two years and is gradually making a name for itself by scaling the market now and improving everyone’s health with seaweed in foods that you can eat every day. We are not a fad, and we look forward to hearing from you and showing you that this can be an essential part of anyone’s daily diet.