OUR CORE INTEREST IS THE VALUE OF SEAWEED to human food, health & the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed the most common questions from you below.

1. Can't I just eat the real thing, why do i need seaweed capsules?

If you get the right amount of seaweed in your diet, that's all you need. But you need to eat about 200g fresh seaweed to get enough dietary fibre. This means that some seaweed are not suitable as they have too much iodine to be eaten in such amounts.

Phyco Digest has also been researched in clincial studies to see which and how much gut flora changes and how this affects overall wellness (see research here). Phyco Digest is an easy way to get the seaweed fibre and phenolics you need.

2. How does seaweed help with Psoriasis?

Both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, as well as rheumatoid arthritis , are increasingly being linked to the gut. Although different in diagnosis, they are regarded as autoimmune and are both show raised inflammation in blood tests (CRP).

THe challenge is the gut is a complex ecosystem, and direct cause and effect links between gut microbes, diet and inflammation pathways are going to take a long time to resolve - although there are many papers now trying to link specific microbes to specific types of disorders.

3. Is it GMP certified?

As a leader in bringing back seaweed nutrition to the west, we lead the way in developing some of the first best practices in Australia for seaweed production, processing and fortifying foods. In this way we are working with all of the certification bodies to make certain our seaweed is safe and nutritionally potent. Our manufacturing facility will carry a good manufacturing practice (GMP) licence.