Why You Might Find Seaweed in Effective Beauty and Skin Products

Have you ever associated beauty with seaweed? Based on a range of useful new products, you’ll soon learn why seaweed is becoming a powerful beauty ingredient.

Seaweed is the name we use for various species of algae and marine plants that grow in rivers and oceans. These plants range from tiny to enormous and come in many colours such as red, brown, and green. Seaweed is often the foundation of oceanic food chains, and these plants can provide homes to many types of marine life. Seaweed possesses anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that you’ll find in PhycoHealth beauty products to give you noticeable results.

Why Choose PhycoHealth?

At PhycoHealth, we produce 100% natural and biodegradable products for your health and beauty made from organic ingredients and free of dyes, parabens, synthetic sulphates, petrochemicals, and preservatives. We never test on animals. The effectiveness of our seaweed beauty products is founded in real science, not fads, so you know you are receiving tried-and-tested products with real impact.

We stick to the facts when it comes to seaweed and publish peer-reviewed research. We believe health is complicated and unique, and we want our customers to take responsibility for their health by eating right and using natural products–without relying on unproven fad diets or supermarket health “cures.”

We are a unique company focusing not only on seaweed but also on the vast range of health benefits the ocean can offer each one of us. PhycoHealth products are proudly backed by science–you’ll find both nutrition and beauty solutions that work for you with our wide range of seaweed-infused options.

The Benefits of Seaweed in Beauty Products

Our clinical research focuses on formulating products for maintaining health inside and out. For the outside, our seaweed skincare range is founded on the unique properties of Australian seaweed extracts that mimic human tissue and bind to skin. This unique property provides nurturing effects for the skin that are unlike anything else you may have tried.

There are a large number of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and anti-oxidants in seaweed that can help keep your skin revitalised, moisturised, and looking youthful. These vitamins and minerals help to guard your skin against the harmful effects of pollution and they aid in slowing down the ageing of your skin by producing collagen to help your skin retain its elasticity. The anti-inflammatory properties in seaweed can even help to treat rashes and wounds.

Some of the vitamins and minerals you’ll discover in seaweed beauty products are Vitamin C, which boosts collagen productions; Potassium, which aids in proper body hydration; Iron, which can promote blood circulation and provide your skin with oxygen-rich blood; Niacin, which can fade facial scarring, and Choline, which reduces the oiliness of the skin. . Seaweed skin products can soothe irritation on your skin and may also help with inflammation, even for those with sensitive skin.

Contact us to find out which PhycoHealth products may be the right fit for the skin issues you struggle with. Experience the benefits of seaweed skincare for yourself and feel the change in your skin. Our PhycoDerm range, containing seaweed extracts similar to the connective tissue in our skin, may revolutionise the way you think about skincare.