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Trifecta Bundle

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Unlock Your Wellness Journey with PhycoHealth's SeaFibre Range

Since 2015, our extensive clinical research has been the cornerstone of our SeaFibre range, benefiting numerous individuals—both from our studies and new customers each day—who incorporate these formulations into their daily routine. Our SeaFibre products are designed to address several crucial aspects of health:

  • Manage inflammation effectively
  • Regulate cholesterol levels
  • Nourish gut flora for a healthy microbiome
  • Promote improved lower colon functions

Consider SeaFibre as a pivotal element in your lifelong health strategy, complementing a diverse, plant-rich diet, sufficient sleep, moderate exercise and acknowledging your personal nutrition and health narrative.

Product Information

This bundle includes:

SeaFibre-3: Focused on reducing inflammation while nurturing brain and heart health.

SeaFibre-Cal: Targeting inflammation associated with skin health, while fortifying bones and tissues.

SeaFibre-Fucoidan: Providing comprehensive immune system support through fostering optimal gut function, backed by extensive clinical research.


Each individual’s health narrative is intricate and distinctive. Delve deeper into how SeaFibre can complement your unique journey towards wellness in the Read More link above, or select each of the SeaFibre links in the list above.

How to use

Chronic inflammation often arises from multiple factors beyond gut-related issues, sometimes linked to a deficiency in long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids. SeaFibre-3 is expertly formulated to address varied sources of inflammation effectively.

Conditions like psoriasis and other inflammatory symptoms might stem from nutritional deficiencies like calcium. SeaFibre-Cal, rich in calcium, not only targets inflammation but also promotes bone and metabolic health, addressing prevalent deficiencies observed in our clinical studies.

For a broader spectrum of gut microbial support and immune system fortification, SeaFibre-Fucoidan combines two potent marine fibers—seaweed and Fucoidan—backed by robust research.

These should be taken in doses of 2–4 capsules with meals, with one type only or blend them to cover more bases.