Organic Australian Seaweed Supplements for Purchase Online

PhycoHealth has been studying the beneficial minerals of seaweed for over ten years. Our extensive research has led to the development of organic seaweed supplements to improve overall health. Our seaweed supplements are founded on science to improve intestinal health and boost immune function. We focus on sustainability to reduce carbon footprint and clinical research to formulate products that offer the maximum benefits. We are the first Australian company to farm seaweed specifically for food. Our seaweed products contain a safer iodine content, so you get better nutrition and we present real information for our peer-reviewed research so not to be considered a fad like so many other diets and supplements on the market.

Australian Seaweed Supplements for Intestinal Health

Having a well-balanced intestinal tract is key to optimal health. When the harmful bacteria outnumber the good, or you are limited in micobial diversity, a wide range of illnesses is born. Research is showing that different seaweed glycans can protect you the common cold and viral influenza to inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis. Adding organic seaweed supplements to a healthy diet ensures that the good bacteria get the upper hand. Our products are formulated utilising the Omega-3 and marine minerals lacking in Western diets. Our seaweed farm captures and harnesses the nutritional power of the Shoalhaven food production systems that release CO2, nitrogen and phosphorus. Together with our clean coastal waters and marine trace elements, this process ensures our seaweed products contain the maximum mineral content to improve your health where minerals are lacking, and using our knowledge of specific seaweed glycans where we know there are benefits to intestinal health.

Seaweed for Skin

Another benefit from our online seaweed supplements is improved skin conditions. Some varieties of seaweed contain the same connective tissue molecules as human skin which enables skin cells to recognise it, collagen to bind and be protected by it, and growth factors to be regulated. In addition the vital minerals that are absorbed from the ocean and delivered to your skin to produce positive results. Some participants in our clinical study found relief for their psoriasis with our seaweed extract capsules. So we can now target seaweed inside and out for better skin health. Our scientific and clinical studies are finding unique wound healing ability and gut health effects not found in other available seaweed ingredients.

Our Food as Supplements

Let food be thy medicine, as this is where so many health benefits can be achieved. PhycoHealth produces seaweed supplements in Australia when you need to concentrate and access seaweed moleules intensively, but otherwise they are present throughout our food range. Our Phukka can be used like dukkah as a snack by dipping bread in Australian virgin olive oil and then Phukka. We love it best as lashings on smashed avocado on toast for breakfast. It can also be added to sallads, blended into mashed vegetables or used on meats. Containing manganese, boron and iodine along with the antioxidant’s lutein and beta-carotene, Phukka will positively impact the healthfulness of a meal. Our Phukka combines a blend of Australian seaweed, pistachios, and Mediterranean herbs.

Our PhycoSalt helps you to reduces salt intake while increasing flavour and iodine. We use Australian Murray River salt, Tasmanian wakame and PhycoGreen™ seaweed in our PhycoSalt.

For those looking for healthier snacks, try our PhycoBites made with seaweed protein, cranberries and macadamia nuts. PhycoBites are ideal after a workout or as a morning snack.

We have also just launched our new Phyco Muesli, so you can eat seaweed throughout the day without thinking about it too much. Breakfast lunch and dinner as well as healthy snacks are covered with our seaweed food range.

But if you need a concentrated boost of gut health, then our Seafibre-3 supplement is coming soon and contains concentrated dietary seaweed fibre that works in the digestive tract which you can target toto boost immune health. Its convenient capsule form is ideal for people on the go who want to improve their digestive health.

Science is finding that intestinal health is the basis for overall health. Keeping our digestive system working optimally ensures less illness and more energy to enjoy life. Finding sustainable food sources that supply maximum nutrients is our primary objective at PhycoHealth. Please contact us to start the journey to better health.