PhycoHealth is a Leading Provider of Organic Seaweed Products Online with a Fresh approach throughout Australia

Typically, when you think of seaweed, an underwater scene will come to mind. The seaweed sways gently as the ocean shifts back and forth while sea life swims by lazily. However, did you know that when you consume seaweed, you are eating a superfood loaded with nutritional value? Seaweed contains components that promote your health as it is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals.

We offer a variety of health, skin, and food organic seaweed products. In Australia, our seaweed products available online are distributed with all these health benefits in mind.

What Australian Seaweed Products Do We Sell Online?

Anyone who is trying to be more conscious of their weight could benefit significantly from incorporating organic seaweed products into their diet. Seaweed contains certain compounds that can help prevent obesity while aiding in general digestion.

We offer you different seaweed food products that you can substitute for food that do not benefit your diet. For example, an easy way to make common food healthier is to fortify pasta. Our company offers you seaweed phettucine loaded with glycofibres that increases your overall gut health. The phettucine is placed into boiling water and cooked to preference, just like traditional pasta. Instead of ingesting the empty carbohydrates of regular pasta, our seaweed phettucine supplies you with an extra boost of dietary fibre, assorted vitamins and Omega-3.

Are snacks your weakness? We supply you with different seaweed food products that will satisfy your crunchy craving. One of our unique Australia seaweed products online is phycodamia. This snack is a perfect blend of nuts and seaweed combined with a hint of wasabi. This nutty treat is a wonderful option for a before dinner snack or an added component to a delicious glass of wine.

We understand that you have a busy schedule. With this in mind, we developed a treat that can be eaten first thing in the morning with your coffee or at night as a before bed delight. As one of our leading fresh seaweed products online, our phycobites are quick and easy snacks that focus on providing you with incredible nutritional value. Packed with amino acids and B12, phycobites supply you with over 40% of your daily iron requirements.

The health benefits of seaweed extend further than just food products. We have developed a line of seaweed skin care products called PhycoDerm. Our seaweed skin care line provides your skin with stellar moisture. These products are created to protect your natural collagen while protecting your skin from the harsh elements that you face every day.

Your Go-To Distributor of Seaweed Food Products

Our professional customer service team knows the benefits of organic seaweed products. PhycoHealth is dedicated to providing you with seaweed food products that improve your lifestyle and overall health. Our experienced staff works with you to ensure you have a clear understanding of each of our products and are here to address any of your concerns.

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