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Connective Tissue Bundle

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Collagen is important everywhere in our bodies, from the skin to our cartilage. But it isn’t only collagen that is important and you don’t have to eat collagen to make collagen – you just need the right types of diverse proteins in whole foods, dosed with Vitamin C and sufficient iron intake, the make and regulate the right amino acid profiles that your body needs.

Here we offer a nice blend of diverse plant proteins including from our seaweed species 84, together with rich sources of Vitamin C and iron.

PHUKKA (Vit C and iron), SEASPIRALS (protein and peptides, Vit C), SEA BIRCHER (iron, diverse plant proteins), MERMAID MEDLEY (iron), SEAFRUIT STRAPS (iron, Vit C, peptides), CLEANSE (for after exercise and with phyaluronic acid), NOURISH 300ml (to nourish skin collagen), SHIELD (to protect skin collagen), SEAFIBRE-CAL (for good tissue turnover regulation).

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