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New Mothers Bundle

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Celebrate the Journey of New Motherhood with PhycoHealth's Thoughtful Bundle

Welcoming a new life into the world is a time filled with unique needs - nutrition, care, and boundless love.  Did you know that in Korea, new mothers are traditionally served seaweed soup for its dense and complete nutrition, a practice symbolizing the importance of nurturing both mother and growing baby during this pivotal time?

Here we have curated essential nutrition for new mothers from our range of products to include iron, Omega-3 DHA and iodine for brain development, and gut healthy fibres for optimal microbiome and immune system.

Discover a thoughtful, caring, and healthful gift for a new mother, designed to nurture her journey.

Welcome the joys of new motherhood with PhycoHealth's New Mothers Bundle - a thoughtful start to this beautiful journey.





Product Information

1. Phukka - Delightfully versatile, perfect for sprinkling on everything. Indulge in smashed avocado toast topped with Phukka, a treat loaded with minerals and essential nutrients.

2. PhycoSalt - A stunning, flavorsome soft salt infused with iodine from seaweed and kelp, essential for the growing brain of a child.

3. Mermaid Medley - An iron-rich boost and touch of luxury for a new mother, nurturing her body, blood, and spirit

4. SeaFruit Straps - Providing a much-needed iron boost for new mums, a delightful treat to keep her going through the day.

5. Phybre - Enhance gut health, support immune systems, and foster a healthy microbiome with daily inclusion of Phybre in cereals, smoothies, or small baked treats.

6. 4x Skincare Essentials - Featuring Cleanse, Soothe, Nourish, and Shield, catering to the skincare needs of both mum and baby. Gentle cleansing, soothing gels, deep nourishing moisture, and protective Shield—ideal for the delicate needs of both mother on those pram walks in the sun and baby under that nappy.

7. Seafibre-3 - Supporting DHA intake, crucial for building cell membranes and neurons in a baby's brain. Essential for the mother's diet, SeaFibre-3 promotes good gut health, benefiting both mum and baby.


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How to use

Establishing the foundations of health and wellness is crucial, nurturing your body, mind, and heart with the vital nutrients required for optimal well-being. Our New Mothers Bundle addresses key nutritional needs for new mothers. Just including some of these products in your diet each day can contribute to:

- Iron, often lacking postpartum, takes center stage in our curation, supporting vital blood health.

- Fiber plays an essential role in sustaining energy during prolonged periods of breastfeeding and maintaining a healthy gut and immune system.

- Omega-3, particularly DHA, is a fundamental building block for a healthy brain and neural development—a demand heightened during pregnancy.