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Embracing the 'omes - PART I: Genome and gut health

Embracing the 'omes - PART I: Genome and gut health

by Pia Winberg July 13, 2021

We all know that we are born with our own unique set of genes that will dictate a lot about us. In this blog we will demonstrate that it also depends on how we treat our genes through diet, exercise and sleep.
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SeaFibre from seaweed for gut health

SeaFibre-3 - about me

by Pia Winberg May 07, 2021

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Gut health  and SeaFibre-3 as featured in Clever Guts Diet

What will SeaFibre-3 do for me?

by Pia Winberg October 25, 2020

SeaFibre-3 is based on our clinical research as featured in the Clever Guts diet by Dr. Michael Mosley. We focused our research on the things that are missing from modern diets as over 75 chronic diseases are linked to our guts and, often, what we don't eat. Learn how putting things back in your diet can be more important than taking things out.
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Omega-3 mentalhealth and wellbeing

by Pia Winberg June 14, 2020

Most of us know that Omega-3 oils from fish are important for cardiovascular health, but did you know that seaweeds and algae are the creators of Omega-3, and that even impulsive behaviour is linked to not getting enough. Here you can read and hear about our research in this space.
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